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How I Used to Be a Republican and Why I Stopped

         I used to be a Republican back in the gentle days of Gerald Ford. ...
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The Republican leadership in the United States has created a stifling and degenerate climate in American political and social life. This website (which does not yet have very much content) is an ongoing documentation of the ways in which the leadership has been creating this climate.

Much of this information goes back to the administration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. As of the 2010 elections, the Republican Party claims to be a new party, leaving behind the abuses of the past. But this website documents some of those abuses.  I am skeptical that the Republican Party has really become a new and clean party. I believe that they are just whitewashing themselves, and that they plan to continue the destructive practices they have used in previous decades. Of course, we will find out, won't we?

Republicans are ushering in a new era in the world. They are creating a new climate, one that will become ever more oppressive and chaotic. I believe that people of the future will look back and blame the Republican Party for the oppressive and chaotic world in which they will find themselves. It will be a globally-warmed world with disastrous climate, with economic and political chaos. I predict that the people of the future will call it "the Republican Climate."

If your response is, "I'm a Republican, and I'm not like this," then I say,

  • I'm glad to hear it. These statements do not refer to you personally.
  • These statements do describe the leadership of the Republican Party. Contact them and tell them that their actions do not represent you. They need to hear this and maybe, just maybe, they will respond to people like you.

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